Monday, August 17, 2009

Vivaldi's "Spring" Concerto brought to mind.

Everything I learned about gardening this year . . . fits inside this pot:

And this other one:

I learned that the secret to great looking planters is to crowd the plants. Pick a tall one, another one that will trail, one with color, another with a bit of whimsy, and that last one that begged to be taken home. The plants will become a Darwinian experiment, battling it out amongst themselves for space and survival. Inevitably, one won't make it, and the end product might not look anything like the original plan, but the planter will look full and lush, and after a while, the plants will harmonize beautifully with each other, rather like one of Maestro Vivaldi's concerti.

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Barb said...

Everything you learned might just be someting I just learned. Very interesting.