Monday, August 10, 2009

An Eight-Part Handkerchief Study

Thank you, dear co-workers (you know who you are) who check on my blog periodically, even if you don't get a chance to post comments. I still get your e-mails and enjoy your feedback. One of these days, you may try doing it from home (I know y'all have high-speed Internet!) and then I'll probably faint from the surprise!

The "Broken Paradise" posting of August 4th drew a lot of interest - but not for what I expected. The thing that seemed to catch everyone's interest was . . . the handkerchief! I received several requests to post a picture of the handkerchief spread out so the detail could be seen.

As I went back to my drawer to pull it out again, I realized I have a collection of them! All of them were given to me by a loved one. Every single one of them precious for the memory it holds. So, in the coming weeks, you'll be seeing my little collection now and again.

Here is the troublemaker that started it all:

My husband, Lee, gave me this hanky. We were shopping at Marshall Field's many years ago (I still miss that store!) and I spotted this little beauty behind the glass counter in the Accessories Department. I remember gushing about how lovely it was, and then promptly moving on to Kitchen Appliances. Lee and I got separated in the store shortly after that, and when he finally caught up with me, he handed me a tiny Marshall Field's green paper bag, that, lo and behold, contained the very handkerchief!
The gesture, was so very, very sweet. I know that he probably thought he had taken leave of his senses, spending good money on . . . a handkerchief? Isn't that what Kleenex are for, for goodness sake? But the decision was based entirely on his wish to make me happy. And, yes, this frothy bit of lace, did.


Barb said...

That is really pretty. I have heard from several people that they miss Marshall Field's.
What a shame it is gone. We went to a restaurant in our little town yesterday only to learn it would be the last day was open. We really liked it. It leaves you with an empty feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love the memory your hankie brings. When I read this it brought back a memory I also have of a special hankie. When my great-grandmother was alive she presented me with a copy of the new testament. This small book had names and birthday's recorded in the front cover of the women in my family. In the case just under the book was a hankie that no one remembered how long it had been there or who placed it there. I only know its beautiful and cherished. I have passed this small family heirloom on to my daughter after adding her name to the inside cover. So thank you for reminding me of that happy memory.

Maria said...

Anonymous: I just love this story! I bet a great many women our age have a hankie story that's dear to them. Thank you for sharing yours.