Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Few Little Snowflakes

When you are a dish collector, albeit a modest one, you live in fear that the dishes that you've fallen in love with will be discontinued if you don't get them right away.  This was the case for me with the Christmas Snowflake plates that are part of the Lenox Federal Platinum collection.

I had been eyeing them for a couple of years, but one thing or another held me back.  However, this year, it wasn't just the children who came home to mama . . .

I paired them with these pretty Silver Snowflake Napkins from Etsy to keep the theme going . . .

I brought out my wedding water goblets, Chartres by Atlantis, which have Gothic arches cut into its design and when the light is shining just right, they look like big snowflakes.  I said a fervent prayer that no one would accidentally chip one one of these precious goblets.  At the last minute, I decided to pull some back and interjected some of the red goblets because they have such a beautiful, brilliant color, and I wanted more red on the table.

A simple organza bag filled with chocolate kisses was placed by each setting.  This one seems to be a perennial favorite in my family.

Well, here is the table . . .

Our chandelier was blinged out with a combination of Swarovski snowflakes and magnetic crystals from Ballard Designs.  It sparkled beautifully during the night!

But this is the best decoration . . .

I can't remember the last time, we didn't take this group shot.  The guests have varied a little from year to year, as our children have grown up and started their own lives, but always there has been family around our table.

Our tribe has grown with the marriage of my son, bringing Erica, and this lump of sugar named Piper into our lives . . .

From our home to yours, we hope you have the most wonderful Christmas Day!  Blessings!


Alycia Nichols said...

I’m with you...grab ‘em while the gettin’s good as my great-Grandmother used to quip! I’ve been burned a few times by waiting until it was too late to snag a pattern. Your table was lovely, and it looks to me like everyone assembled was having a good time. That’s why we put in the effort! Happy Holidays from our happy home to yours!

Pam Richardson said...

What a gorgeous pattern and I am so glad you now haveit. Your table is beautiful, and so is the family sitting around it! Best wishes for 2019!


Que bella familia amiga, todos guapísimos !

Gracias por tu visita y por preguntar por mi mama.
I'm so happy to see you around. I'm sorry I took a while answering but sometimes I haven't much time with my mother and all.
Your table is gorgeous and that lovely classic china is so elegant... I'm so happy it's in your possession now.
Big hugs to you, keep well.


Que gusto verte por mi "casa" querida amiga.
You have such a beautiful family and handsome men. That little girl is adorable.
Your tablescape is gorgeous my friend and the china is lovely. I have a china that I can't find replacements and it's beautiful, I love it. But hey, keep on looking at Replacements, sometimes someone may sell them some like yours.
Que tengas un año bendito para vos y cada uno de Uds.