Monday, August 31, 2009

Hiccups and burps and wind! Oh, my!

I soaked this hanky laughing so hard. I was in church with Mama Lala, my godmother, and during intercessions, every time the congregation said "Lord, hear our prayer" the baby in front of us hiccupped. When the prayers concluded and the priest said "Amen" the baby let out a huge belch. He then scrunched up his face, as though he were going to start wailing. But no, he was just concentrating very hard . . . to brake wind!

Mama Lala grabbed my hand and we flew out of the church as fast as we could. My goodness, we laughed. We couldn't look at each other, or we'd start laughing again. That's when Mama Lala took out this hanky and thrust it at me so I could wipe my eyes. The "intercessions" part of Mass, has never been the same again.


Barb said...

Cute story. :)

Angela2932 said...

I love the journaling with this! Someday you'll have to slurp all of your blog into a blurb book!

John F Cheney said...

I agree Aunt Angela!