Monday, September 7, 2015

Watermelon Tablescape II

Watermelon:  Sweet . . . juicy . . . yummy. . . what's not to love about this quintessential summer fruit?

And, not only is the fruit delicious, but the color palette that it evokes is so, so summery!  This is my second watermelon tablescape.  I cannot get enough of this fruit, and I love these colors! Click here to take a peek at my earlier post.

I was inspired to try making this centerpiece by some fabulous bloggers:  Michael Lee of Rattlebridge Farms, and Mary of Home is Where the Boat Is.  Please stop by to see their wonderful creations!  You'll know in an instant why I was so enthralled.

Most of the flowers came from Costco, but the hydrangea came from my very own garden!  We just planted them last year, and these came from our very first crop!  Aren't they beautiful?

I added some Queen Anne's Lace, picked up from an empty, undeveloped lot not far from our house.  I always look forward to the appearance of this wild flower.  It's so delicate looking, and makes a great filler for arrangements.  It also helps mark the passing of time.  I know when I begin to spot them that we are in full summer!

All that fruit MUST be put to use.  It would be awful to discard so much deliciousness!  So, one thing that immediately came to mind was . . . MOJITOS!  And I have just the recipe, thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch!

A salad was also an easy (as all summer cooking ought to be) addition to the menu.  This one was composed of field greens, watermelon, Feta cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.  The salty Feta cheese was perfect on this salad, especially for those, like my huband, who always salt their watermelon.

I should have stayed away from Tenley's everything-must-go-before-I-move-to-Florida-sale.  The cute watermelon salad bowls just begged to come home with me.  What could I do?

We had some unexpected guests show up at the luncheon, but they were so cute and friendly we allowed them to make themselves right at home . . .  What's summer anyway, without a few fluttery friends?

Pink ruled the day, from the petunias growing next to the deck . . .

To the lovely gerbera daisies in the centerpiece . . .

To the pillows that I borrowed from the Living Room sofa . . .

It's not too late to enjoy more watermelon this summer.  Enjoy it while it lasts!  I'm going back for a little more . . .