Saturday, June 12, 2010

David's Birthday

We celebrated David's birthday in Minnesota, while attending our niece's college graduation festivities. This was a unique birthday celebration, reuniting relatives from three different states: Illinois, North Dakota and Texas!

David is such a joy! He is always happy and willing to go along with whatever life throws him. I remember when he and John were little, I'd announce that we were going to the park, and, while John's wheels were spinning trying to figure out if this was a good thing or not, David would be jumping for joy, as though I'd just given him the most wonderful of presents. And then, when I'd announce that it was time to go home, he went willingly, and would say: "It's a good thing we left, Mom, I was beginning to get tired."

If I tell him I'm making black beans and rice for dinner, one of his favorites, he's happy. If I tell him that I won't be cooking that night because I'm too tired, he'll remember a tasty frozen pizza that he was waiting to try out, and is equally happy . . . well, almost.

Grace, that's the word that comes to mind to describe my youngest son, who has grown into such a delightful young man.

Here's one of John, the older brother, with his wonderful smile . . .

David, John, Uncle Bob and Dad . . . The land of giants. My husband, Lee is the shrimp at a hair under 6'2".

More photos of Dianna's graduation to come . . .


Nicki, said...

Happy Birthday to David. God has a funny way of trying to balance it out for us moms. I have one as intense as the day is long and the other goes with the flow for the most part. Glad everyone was able to help Mr. David celebrate.

Reds said...

Happy birthday David - what a great family celebration!