Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bathroom Update - Paint!

Hard to believe, I know. I'm still rather stunned, but, yes, yes, we've actually picked out paint for the bathroom!

So here are the samples: “Rye” on the walls to match the mosaic stripe around the shower walls, and “Swiss Coffee” for the trim, to match the crackle subway tile - both Behr paint from Home Depot (currently on sale, $5 rebate on each 1-gallon can of paint).

My accommodating husband, rolled a little of it on the wall, even though he still has a bit more sanding to do, just so I could see how the color would look once it dried.

My friend, Julie, as always, came to the rescue. I don't know what it is about color that totally intimidates me. I become paralyzed from my inability to narrow the choices. She picked the colors. Julie has the most wonderful - and natural - sense of aesthetics. She understands my taste better than I do myself. She listens to what I'm trying to accomplish and without any seeming effort, comes up with the perfect solutions!
It is so much fun to watch her in action. At Home Depot, Julie found the color match for the mosaic tile right away and once she saw that I was happy with it, set about finding the trim color from among hundreds of shades of white. A few times I thought she had found it, and I nodded in agreement, only she wasn't satisfied, nope, not my Jules, she kept searching (and playing) with the color chips until the perfect shade emerged, and indeed it became apparent that no other shade of white would do.

Thank you, Jules! Thank you for lending me your talent, and for your endless patience in putting up with this cantankerous friend.


Nicki, said...

Color me jealous! I love the color combination. Well done!

April said...

Looks great. :)

Barb said...

Very exciting! You are making great progress. It looks like Julie chose the perfect color.
We have not had internet service for a few days. I think it is finally working. I was going through withdrawl. :)

Reds said...

Love that color!! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

Nessa said...

Oh that looks cool! Can't wait to see the results!

Angela2932 said...

This is looking fantastic! You did great with the color, and I love the tiling strip in the shower. Looks like you're getting close to the finished product.