Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apple trees no more!

We finally cut down the apple trees that were littering growing in our front lawn.  They were particularly annoying during the Autumn season when the apples started falling to the ground and kept on coming for what seemed an eternity!  We would sometimes hire a neighborhood kid to pick apples for us (when we could find one), but even with some help, it was hard to keep up.  It became a haven for gnats and bees, although, interestingly enough, the squirrels didn't care for the apples.  But the trees were a problem in the summer as well, killing all grass in the vecinity.  I blogged about this a couple of years ago here.  We simply couldn't face another Fall with these trees.

We hired our "wood guy" - the man who delivers wood for our fireplace in the Fall, and mulch in the Spring - to cut them down and grind the stumps completely.  What a difference!

One of my co-workers says that my other trees are still in mourning and it wouldn't be nice to bring in an interloper just yet.  Some people take their gardening very seriously . . .  We are going to wait, though, my husband wants to give the grass a chance to recover a little.  I also have to think about what kind of tree I want to put there.  Any suggestions?

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