Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

There are so many memories gathered in this photo. All of this Easter stuff has been around since my sons were little. Sometimes, we'd add something new, but for the most part, the boys didn't like it when we messed with their traditions.

Always had to have a package of Peeps . . . to blow them up in the microwave!

The dents on these candy tins are like badges earned for the many years of service . . . The one with the rabbit was John's . . .
And the one with the sweet boy dressed as a bunny was David's . . .

I bought the papier maché eggs at a store called Logos, not far from our old house in the city. I could get lost in that store for hours perusing their book selection and all the charming collectibles they offered. Sadly, the store has gone out of business.

One of the nice advantages of these eggs was that they were large and took up a lot of room in the basket. We tried to fill the baskets not so much with candy, but with books, or the occassional small toy.

Uh, oh . . . ! There's a Peep missing!

Happy Easter memories to everyone!


Nicki, said...

Love that you've held onto tradition. We too avoided packing the baskets with candy and generally gave the kids a little outfit along with books and the required chocolate bunny, peanut butter egg, peeps. Over the years, it has become less (but still some traditional elements). I adore your tins and paper mache eggs.

Kim Elizabeth said...

Maria, I love family traditions, I'm still making baskets for my girls age 34 and almost 30 and make one for my husband and my mom too!
I always want my mom to have all the things that she gave us as children. I think so many people forgot to do simple things for our moms and dads. I brought her for her visit to Santa when she was 82 years old. She sat on his lap and we had pictures taken, she cried and was very emotional.