Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple-loving season is here!

Another wonderful euphemism for our current season (Thank you, Angela!). The upside is being able to enjoy apples in a myriad ways.

Here is my favorite apple concoction: Apple-oosh - that's what our kids used to call it when they were little. It's just so delicious, especially made at home and drunk immediately after pressing!

This appliance takes up a great deal of precious counter space. It's big and weighs a ton, but if I put it away, I know it'll never get used, so it sits on my counter year-round, ready for me to go into my juice-making mode, which happens quite a bit, actually.

Naturally, we get a lot of use out of it during apple season.
A nice restorative for my hard working husband . . .


Barb said...

I love apple season and love raw apples but do not understand why I don't like apple juice or cooked apples. Lee looks like he was really injoying it.

Maria said...

You might like this juice. It is raw and unfiltered. It has not been heated for homogenization and it has not been pasteurized. It is not acidic and does not leave that metallicky after-taste you occasionally get from its store-bought counterpart. All you taste is pure, sweet apples. If you like, next time you come over I'll make you a glass.