Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Lady's Handbag Primer

This handkerchief belonged to my mother and it came to me, along with most of her things, when she passed away. And it does remind me of the items that she always carried in her purse, and that, according to her, were essential to a lady:
  • Two handkerchiefs - as an acquaintance described it (rather indelicately, I may add), one for show and one for blow. I imagine this one was for show
  • Rosary beads, and, before 1965 a veil to cover the head before entering church
  • A fan
  • A few coins to tip the attendant in a public restroom, or to make an emergency phone call, or to light a candle in church
  • Lipstick and a powder compact
How times have changed! Even while she was alive she no longer recognized the contents of my purse with its bulging wallet that contained more cash than she had ever carried, and . . . credit cards! No veil, no fan, no powder compact, sometimes a tube of lipstick, sometimes a hankie, along with . . . a pack of Kleenex!

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