Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It looked much nicer in the store.

I fell in love with these round candles, and allowed myself to do what I very seldom do: I bought them on impulse. Predictably, they don't look as dramatic sitting on my mantle as they did in the store. Of course, I didn't buy the vases or the river rocks in which they were being displayed; I made do with what I had at home. Somehow, they seem a little lost on my mantle.

What the heck! They are candles so they won't be around forever, and once I add other Halloween-y stuff to the mantle next month, it'll jazz up the display.


John C. said...

They might look nicer in the library.

Angela2932 said...

Will you light these? I'm picturing them in early evening, with a warm glow from a flickering flame, and that's when they'd hold their own! Larger, in the daytime, they look like they'd just compete with the plant and wall sconces. . . . but in the evening, they'd be the stars!