Saturday, January 24, 2009

John's New Car

We bought a car for John. He's done his penance on our old 1998 Saturn SL2. As amusing as it's been to watch him contort his body in order to get into that old Saturn, it was time for him to get newer wheels which he'll be taking to college in the Fall.

The "new" previously-owned car is a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant. It has 18,500 miles on it and was driven by a little old lady to church on Sundays . . . just kidding about the little old lady part. David, looking over my shoulder as I type, was quick to point out "You drove it to church on Sundays, Mom?"
Just a little joke, on my birthday, no less, about my being old. Smarty Pants. Just for that, David, now you'll get the Saturn to drive around for the next two years. I'm really going to enjoy watching you get into that little car.


Barb said...

Happy Birthday Maria!

Nice car. John looks very happy.

Angela2932 said...

I remember when you got the Saturn!!! And how excited you were! We had a great phone conversation about it. . . John looks quite pleased with the new wheels.