Monday, January 19, 2015


I haven't gotten Venice out of my system yet.  We went in October, but the memories are so vivid, it's as though we came back yesterday - despite the craziness of the Christmas holiday season!

So, if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to last October, and reminisce a little more about our wonderful trip to La Serenissima, the Most Serene Republic, as it used to be known.

On our first full day in Venice, we headed over to Murano, an island in the Venetian lagoon, known for its glassworks.  They truly have elevated glass making to its highest manifestation.

Here I am, in one of many boat rides that I would be taking in the days to come.  This one was a private boat that took us to Murano, at no charge, in the hopes that we would drop a pretty penny on the island. First, we visited a glass museum and saw a demonstration of the art of glass blowing.

The work is hot . . . and meticulous . . .

 Here, the artist was creating a glass horse . . .

And if our eyes wondered on occasion . . .

We had THIS view to entertain us!

Aren't these chandeliers magnificent?  I don't know if these were special orders waiting to be delivered, or if they were just there to wow the tourists . . .

Check out the delicacy of these goblets . . .

Ours for a mere pittance . . . NOT!  The simplest of those goblets could easily go for €350 or more!

This green reminds me of the color of the Venetian lagoon . . . 

Can you stand a few more pictures of glass?

It was all so beautiful!

Check out that magnificent pink goblet!  It could be yours for a mere €350!

"Conteria" - tiny glass beads strung together to make these fabulous necklaces . . . Lee actually bought me one of these!  I'll post a picture of it at a later date.

And here is Murano.  It's hard to believe that this sleepy façade hides such magnificent work!

The tower of the Church of Santa Maria E Donato, the island church.

Webster's defines Venetian blue as a strong blue, similar to cobalt blue.  I think Venetian blue should be this beautiful aquamarine, like the waters of its lagoon.



Maria what an awesome trip you just had to Italy. Italy is my very fave European country. I know, Paris and Madrid and who knows what else, but me, I go to Italy all the way!!!
I love Murano and I did bring some things the last time we were there. I also bought a gorgeous compote in blue cobalt here from Murano.

Nicki said...

Venice is on our travel agenda for our 2016 anniversary trip to Europe - these pictures make it all the more exciting. We have a famous (blown) glass maker locally (Blinko) and I have had the privilege to meet the owner and of course, watch them make beautiful items of glassware. They have made Country Music Awards to chandeliers, to glass murals, to anything and everything imaginable. But that Venetian glass, especially the glass necklaces, are stunning.

Thank you for sharing - always a pleasure to spend some time with you and I look forward to your post about your necklace.