Friday, January 23, 2015

In a Sturbridge State of Mind . . .

Won't you join me on this wintery day for a little catalogue shopping?

I've been receiving the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalogue for years and years, and, this latest copy didn't disappoint.  So many pretty things!  If you don't have a hard copy, you can always let your iPad do the walking and visit the Sturbridge website.  C'mon!  Let's browse!

These awesome ladderback chairs are still offered on the catalogue, and they're on sale!  They look a little bit like my kitchen chairs!  In fact, I remember that these were the inspiration for the ones I ultimately bought.

Except I think I like mine better.  The seats are wider and more comfortable . . .

See the decorative grooves on the finials?  I love those extra touches!

Reds can be found all over my house from December through Valentine's Day. Certainly, January needs a pop of color, don't you think?

Beyond that, I'm mad for plaid!  I love these darling lamp shades on page 8 of the catalogue.

Wouldn't they look fabulous on the Dining Room chandelier?  I'm really fond of the red ones we use during the Christmas season, but it would be nice to have a different set for variety . . .

This Bunny Pillow is simply charming!  I adore bunnies!

I'm not usually into faux flowers, but I'd make an exception for this Fern and Grapevine Wreath . . . and I know just where I would hang it!

But before Easter, we have Valentine's Day, and these stained glass hearts would gladen mine if they appeared dangling from my kitchen window . . .

What an irresistible collection!  Will I succumb?  Were you inspired?

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Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Could you just order two of everything you order and have the second set sent to me, please, Maria? You've made some excellent choices that I completely agree with! LOL I especially love the hearts for the windows, Maria! Fun shopping with you on this snowy, gray day in Ohio. The reds do wonders in January! But now we're into February...closer and closer to spring! Happy, cozy February to you! ~Zuni