Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scotch Eggs

I'm told that this simple dish is standard pub fare in England and Scotland.  What a great idea for a picnic, a brown bag lunch, or . . . Sunday brunch! 

I served them on my beautiful platter from HomeGoods . . .  It's so pretty that it's almost a shame to cover it . . . almost . . .

Hard-boil some eggs, peel them, and cover them with ground pork, seasoned to your liking - some people use bulk sausage - then bread them and fry them.  Scotch eggs!  Even better, this is a Paleo recipe.  I used almond meal, instead of bread crumbs, and I fried them in coconut oil - a healthy, medium-chain fatty acid.  Each serving provides 5 ounces (35 grams) of protein - a pretty decent meal if you are on a low-carb diet!

Then I laid them in a bed of baby romaine lettuce, and filled the gaps with cocktail tomatoes . . .  The tomatoes added sweetness and balance to this high-protein entrée.
And what could be better than serving this British dish on English pottery?  The transferware plate is Blue Calico, by Burleigh . . . Just a peek for now.  I need to play with them a little longer before I share . . .

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Nicki said...

So basic and yet so appealing - how has this not been a regular fare in America - it looks delicious.