Friday, December 9, 2011

A Telepathic Connection: Little Santas Everywhere

A Christmas present arrived by mail today from Angela and Doug.  Just look at this wrapping paper.  It's got busy little Santas all over, reminding me of the wrapping paper I bought and blogged about on my last post! (Click here to read about it).

This is like cosmic confirmation that I'm on the right track with the Christmas theme this year!  Great minds do think alike, and maybe even transmit the same thought frequencies!


Nicki said...

Like minds - cute theme. My sister sent packages for the kids and asked me to wrap them. Somehow using up the wrap currently in the closet just doesn't seem appropriate for packages from her, so I'm out today to pick up a roll that caught my eye the other day that just yelled out her name. Generally you can pick out my sister's gifts just from their wrap - colorful and contemporary. Me = rustic/country/simple/muted.

Reds said...

Love the paper!