Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Argument of His Book

I sing of brooks, of blossoms, birds, and bowers,
Of April, May, of June and July flowers.
I sing of Maypoles, hock carts, wassails, wakes,
Of bridegrooms, brides, and of their bridal cakes.

I write of youth, of love, and have access
By these to sing of cleanly wantonness.
I sing of dews, of rains, and, piece by piece,
Of balm, of oil, of spice, and ambergris.
I sing of times trans-shifting, and I write
How roses first came red and lilies white.

I write of groves, of twilights, and I sing
The court of Mab and of the fairy king.
I write of hell; I sing (and ever shall)
Of heaven, and hope to have it after all.
                                                          —Robert Herrick

A little piece of heaven on earth:  The daffodils are blooming!


Nicki said...

I am amazed at the endurance and determination of daffodils. Weather wise we have been all over the map - sleet, flooding, shorts, freezing, and today is 80+ degrees - but tomorrow the temperatures will drop and we will get more rain.

Barb said...

Nice Poem. I just love spring when things start blooming.

Angela2932 said...

Daffodils!!!!!! That's practically paradise!

Suzy said...

Yay for daffodils! I am also amazed at their endurance. Mine have been snowed on several times and are still hanging in there.

Reds said...

Yeahhhhhh! Spring is here!!

Margaret said...

Yes! I think one of the most glorious things in the world is to see the daffodils peeking out their little heads in the spring!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I love daffodils! When I was a little girl, the woman who babysat my brother and me lived next door to a daffodil farm, and we used to play in them all the time.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Yes, mine are up too, even though they were attacked by a snowstorm, and some are now on my kitchen table! Linda