Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy birthday, Mama Abuela!

Remembering my grandmother today, in what would have been her 110th birthday.  Here she is below, holding me, her only granddaughter.

The most important memory I have of my grandmother is how she always made me feel - loved, safe, perfect.  Her eyes would light up when she saw me.  She used to call me "rayito de sol" - her little ray of sunshine.  She was the first person to really listen to me and to make me feel that my opinions truly mattered.  And I amused her.  I once told her that I thought my ears had the same shape as hers, but I hoped they wouldn't get as big.  She laughed until she cried, and then she said she hoped so, too. 

I regret so much that I have so few pictures of her.  She loathed the camera, and somehow, managed to avoid it with amazing regularity.  And yet, it's not so important.  I have her face imprinted in my memory . . . and I don't need to see her face to feel her immense love.


Nicki said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes. My daughter had an amazing relationship with my mom - I would almost say stronger than even my relationship with mom; and by virtue of their closeness, I had a better connection with mom. I will always cherish the memories of them laughing together like two teenage girls.

Happy Memories Maria.

Anonymous said...

Remembering the day when dad was trying to hit me with a belt.I believe it was when I tied a rope to the fan, and started dragging it through out the house.Mamaabuela stood in between the belt and me,receiving must of the blows as she was pleaded with dad to stop.
I always looked forward to seeuind her.