Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy birthday, John!

Today my son, John, turned 21. This was a typical Saturday for us, filled with errands and chores. It was lovely just the same, just because he was here with us. He came home last night on Spring break and filled our home with his usual boundless energy. We went to dinner and stopped at Baskin Robbin on the way home to pick up some of his favorite ice cream - mint chocolate chip. Happy Birthday, Johnny!

His new easel has temporarily found a home in our Family Room, and is displaying his latest self-portrait. I'm told that self-portraits are the bread and butter of budding artists because they are the most accessible of subjects.

David's exercise ball has apparently also taken up residence in our Family Room. I must be mellowing because I don't seem to mind it as much any more . . .

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Nicki said...

Happy Birthday to John! - and very nice self portrait. I briefly went through a stage where I let my daughter's easel reside in the front living room with a portrait she drew of my mom. I kinda hoped she would be inspired to draw more portraits - but didn't happen, so I eventually took it down because it became just one more thing in the way.