Thursday, June 11, 2009

Robert and Barb

Robert is my husband's younger brother, and Barb is his wife. Boy, that sentence doesn't begin to remotely cover what these two people mean to us. Robert is one of the most loving and generous men I know. He is also extremely intelligent. Occassionally he displays a certain stubbornness when it comes to politics (because of course, it's him that is stubborn, not me), but he magnanimously overlooks what I'm sure he sees as my lack of political acumen and still comes to visit and nurtures a relationship with us, and with our children.
Now Barb . . . how do I describe Barb . . . O.K. Imagine the moment before the universe began, then Bang! Stars are formed and begin traveling through space, carrying with them the energy to create new worlds . . . Barb carries that energy within her. She seems unstoppable.
Barb sings, plays the piano, paints, creates jewelry. She looks at life with an artistic eye. But more importantly, she cultivates that other God-like quality, kindness. Barb opens her home to anyone who might need warmth or shelter and keeps in touch with a myriad relatives.
Her indomitable strength carries her through her own difficulties and imbues others with the courage to conquer their own challenges.
We are very lucky to have Robert and Barb in our lives.

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Barb said...

Thank you for all of the kinds words. If I ever run for office you will have to be my campaign manger. :)