Monday, June 8, 2009

Angela and Doug

Angela is a wonderful photographer and an incredibly talented writer. This picture was taken by her and I think it's one of the best pictures of me taken in a very long time. I've become addicted to her blog. I expect any day now she'll announce she has written a book and I'll be the first one in line to get a dozen autographed copies.

Standing next to me is Doug, Angela's husband. Doug is one of the sweetest guys I know. Kind, sweet, infallibly courteous, brilliant. I just love Doug.

Angela is super smart and super creative. Whether it's cooking or raising children; scuba diving or photography, she passionately immerses herself in her current interests until she masters them. When you are around her you get the feeling that nothing is impossible.

Together, this wonderful couple has managed to produce three beautiful, loving and amazing children. Angela and Doug, with their easy going personalities, and love of learning bring out the best in me. Thank God I still have Angela's blog. The withdrawal would be too painful if it weren't for the virtual contact.

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Angela2932 said...

Awww, Maria. . . you have me both blushing from head to toes, and tears coming from my eyes at the same time! You are too sweet and kind! And this came at the perfect moment of an otherwise crummy day (nothing big, just gray-blah, crummy.) I so miss getting to be geographically close to you and the rest of the family, and feel that at least we can be in touch through these pixels and bits. By the way, I really liked this photo of you and wished I could have gotten more of you. . . I kept trying to position myself to get more, but didn't feel it would be ok to fling your guests out of the way.