Tuesday, November 24, 2009

About treats and not expecting the unexpected

O.K. So this was a little weird . . . I brought my Thanksgiving treats to work yesterday and everyone thought I had bought them ready-made at a store. Typical exchange:

Me: Here's a little Thanksgiving treat for you.
Co-worker: Oh, this is nice. Where did you get it?

Hmm . . . Better modify my presentation . . .

Me: Hi, there, I put together these treats over the weekend. Here's one for you. Happy Thanksgiving!
Co-worker: Wow! Thank you. I've never seen these before. Where did you get them?

Hmm . . . O.K. Let's try it a little differently . . .

Me: I found this cool website and this one was one of the ideas they had for the holidays. I made a batch to celebrate the holidays. Here's one for you. Happy Thanksgiving!
Co-worker: Cool! This is nice! Thank you! So you ordered them from this website?
Me: No, I just got the idea from the website. I made them.
Co-worker: You made them?
Me: Yup.
Co-worker: Huh. (Now looking over the bag suspiciously). Where did you get the labels? (Sigh)

And on it went all day. I guess on one level I should be flattered that the bags looked nice enough to have been bought at a store. On the other hand, there was a lot of love and attention put into those little bags and I didn't want people to think that I took the easy route and just bought the darn things.

And then when I walked in the house last night I found . . . John! His classes were canceled today so he came home a day early. What an unexpected joy! I really don't feel like going to work today. I want to stay home and play with my boys. But I'll have a special treat waiting for me tonight: John has promised to cook and make his Chicken Fricasee dinner.


Barb said...

Too funny! They must have looked great! Selective hearing.:)

Angela2932 said...

ROTFLOL! I had very similar reactions! I think it's hard for some people to stretch their imaginations around the idea that you can just make some things, even pretty things. What a treat from John; tell him he can stop off here on his way home from school any day and make us great dinner like that! Happy Thanksgiving, Maria, and I think it was very sweet of you to bring those treats to your co-workers/friends.