Sunday, May 31, 2009

Julie and Me

Here is my excellent friend Julie, who has taught me more about decorating than I could have ever learned from Martha Stewart. She's done it by guiding me to choices that reflect my authentic self, and then imbuing me with a sense of confidence in those choices. I have a feeling, however, that I'll never completely master the process, through no fault of hers. I think I'm missing the decorating gene. Sorry, Julie, you are stuck with this hopeless student.

Julie inspires me by her example. She is forever moving forward quietly and relentlessly. Cloaked in calm, she challenges herself to try out new things, to seek new knowledge and stretch the boundaries of her abilities. How could I not love someone like that?

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Barb said...

What are you talking about? Your home looked wonderful and beautifully decorated. We really enjoyed the party and getting to see everyone. I think David was having a great time too.