Saturday, April 18, 2009

We Sold Our Soul to the Home Depot Store

It started out as most remodeling projects do. We had some leftover ceramic tiles from our Family Room renovation and we wanted to replace the old linoleum in this tiny water closet. Twelve tiles. Lee measured, drew his plan and concluded that twelve tiles is all that it would take. Simple enough, and it would be done before David's graduation. Hah! This has become another "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" project. In order to lay the tile, we had to remove the toilet and vanity. When we took out the vanity, we discovered mold growing on the wall behind it. The vanity was rotted and we now needed to replace it. The previous owners had glued a back splash to the wall, which had to be removed before the vanity could be pulled out. Now the wall had to be patched up before the new vanity is installed. The existing vanity style has been discontinued so we had to pick out a different style. Naturally, we also needed a new sink top and faucet. And it would be a real crime to put all of that back together without painting the room, don't you think? Twelve tiles. Don't you believe it!

Here's a picture of the new tile. Right now the glue is drying. Lee will probably grout tomorrow. John was very happy that we found a red flange for the base of the toilet. Good feng shui. It keeps the chi from going down the drain.

The beautiful faucet that will go on our new vanity. The vanity is due to arrive in late May, hopefully before David's graduation.Our Living Room has become the staging area for this latest project.

The new sink, patiently waiting its turn to be installed.

And is this the end? No, no, no! We have a linen cabinet in that room which will now need to be replaced to match the new vanity. A new mirror and new lighting also lie in wait. But one thing at a time - there are plenty of books to be used for future analogies: "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" . . . "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" . . .


lee said...

I never new that owning a house and remodeling would expose me to such great literary works.

Barb said...

That is what happens sometimes especially in re-modeling. But the great part is that when you are finished you won't have the mold that you didin't know you had, your bathroom will be updated and the value of your home will go up. So, a lot of good is coming out of a lot of bad. Thanks for sharing. We look forward to seeing the finished product but mostly seeing you all.

Angela2932 said...

"If you Give a Pig a Pancake. . . !" I must have missed that one! Isn't it amazing how much "spiffing up" occurs in a house, just before a graduation? It's looking good, Maria, and I really, really like the red toilet flange. Do you think I could convince Doug that we should pull up our toilet just because of the flange and chi, because we have to paint one of our bathrooms anyway???????