Monday, May 11, 2020

A Mother's Day Tea with Roses

Happy Mother’s Day, to all my dear blogging friends! Today, I’m missing my boys terribly, and in Illinois, we are still sheltering in place. The weather is also dreadful, still in the low 50s, and it's been raining all day, so I decided to cheer myself up and dedicate this little tea party to me, myself, and moi.

Yes, indeed, I've given myself the kind of tea party I would love to attend, and, since it's all about me, I've chosen my favorite dishes, my favorite colors, and my favorite foods without having to think of anyone else's tastes or wants.  It seems a little selfish, I grant you, but just once, I wanted to indulge in a harmless fantasy.  I'm also married to the most agreeable man in the world, and, fortunately, our tastes coincide in most things, so he was more than willing to humor me, and ate with gusto everything I put in front of him, especially the sweets!

The first thing I did was to surround myself with roses.  The universe was aligned with my wishes, because I was able to get them at my local grocery store for $9.99 a dozen, and, since my peonies, hydrangeas and even the day lilies are still sleeping, and, after all, it's Mother's Day, I decided to indulge.  I may have to invoke Mother's Day privilege now and then throughout this post.

If you truly want to understand Maria (notice the 3rd person), you only have to look at these colors.  I play with all kinds of colors throughout the year, but this is where home is. This is what says peace and happiness and love to me. I also think of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and all the women who define chic and they’ve never shied away from this oh-so-female shade.  It can take a bit of work to find the right pinks, but when you do, it's pure delight.

Remembering Mae West’s quote that “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” I added the flowers that my children sent me today. This bouquet came from David, my youngest, his wife, Erica, and my granddaughter, Piper.  Another lovely shade of pink on that rose.  Isn't it lovely?

This one, made of paper roses, was sent by my son, John. John is always looking for a new way to send me flowers that's creative and amusing.  I loved them!  However, it's not as wonderful as those handmade cards of long ago with childish handwriting and funny looking flowers. I get sentimental thinking about them.

I pulled out my trusted white quilt from Restoration Hardware, that I almost threw out once. I was very frustrated at the time because after the first wash, it had shrunk and no longer covered the Queen Size bed for which it was intended. But throwing out a white quilt that didn't even have a single stain seemed criminal, so I kept it. Now, of course, I’m very happy I did. The placemats and napkins are Sferra, the color is Petal.  I want a job naming colors!

Do you like the fringed napkins?  I liked them because they added a casual touch to the table, but now I'm being told that once you wash them, the fringes get matted.  Hmm . . . 

I love bees. Our poor honeybees are endangered, and now we have Killer Hornets threatening them! So, there’s plenty of room at my tea table to honor those hardworking bees that pollinate our crops, and also provide us with delicious honey. 

A big crystal honeypot, given to me for Christmas by John, was placed in the center of the table. Next to it, is its cousin, a hand-painted snuff box by Limoges in the shape of a bee skep (from my hubby).

 And look at the cute little fella that lives inside!

I brought out the Wedgwood Nantucket Basket dinner plates. Nantucket Basket is my latest love. I adore the basket weave texture that makes them so appropriate for spring and summer, or any time I want a pastoral or garden setting. They are paired with Johnson Bros Rose Chintz salad plates, which I've used before here and here.

These bee napkin rings by Joanna Buchanan are making their debut today. They were a birthday gift from a dear friend that probably knows a bit too much about me. Aren't they gorgeous?

More bees can be found in the Bee goblets by La Rochère.  They are holding Pink Lemonade.

I found these flower-shaped sugar cubes at a local baking supply store that has now closed, but they are also available at Fancy Flours.

Egg Salad with Pimiento Sandwiches . . . And, by the way, these were made at my husband's request.  It made me feel a little bit more generous, and not quite so self-absorbed.

Tomato Twiddle with white onion and Cheddar cheese. Meh! I was intrigued by the name (I also buy wine if the bottle is pretty). What can I say, I'm easily amused. However I don't think I'll make these again.

All I need is love . . . and Lemon Herb Cucumber Sandwiches . . .

Open-faced Radish with Garlic Goat Cheese, sprinkled with Chives . . . These were very good!

Would you care for a sweet treat?  How about a honeycomb of Lemon Cake, dusted with powder sugar. But be careful with those little sugar bees!

I used only egg whites in the batter so the detail from the pan would show better. It was so light and moist!

Or perhaps a petit four? We pre-ordered them from my favorite bakery and traveled 35 miles to do a curbside pick up.

We also picked up some Strawberry Tarts and Chocolate Eclairs. Never waste a trip to the bakery, that's my motto. 🙂

However, the Strawberry Mousse (from the Silver Palate Cookbook) was made with my little ol’ hands . . .

What will you choose?

How about one of everything?

The tea was completely delightful and everything I'd hoped for.  I wish all my blogging mothers a happy Mother's Day.  May you be healthy.  May your children be healthy.  May your parents be healthy.  May they all be safe from this virus that is currently traveling throughout the world.  May your Spring be filled with flowers . . . and with love.


Pam Richardson said...

Maria, what a beautiful table in honor of you! I love all of your bee details and your lovely flowers. It looks perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration!

Joy B said...

That looks like a lovely Mother's Day tea and I'm glad you were able to celebrate yourself!